An examination of the nba lockout season

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An examination of the nba lockout season

April 28th, As Derrick Rose collapses, clenching his left leg, the city of Chicago is quickly left in despair. Whether they realize it or not, on average, NBA Finals losers have suffered 2.

Health literally wins championships in the NBA. At this point, Rose is just one of many who have experienced season-ending injuries during this abbreviated, but condensed, lockout season: So, in an examination of the new practice of resting players in today's NBA, the lockout is a fantastic place to start.

Indue to the day lockout, the NBA condensed its schedule, resulting in a game every 1. To put that in perspective, a regular-length schedule averages about one game every 2. At first glance, this seems like a pretty small difference.

But in reality, this means significantly more back-to-backs, less time for recovery, less time for taking care of one's body, which is, at the end of the day, the most important part of a player's career. The blue line represents injuries in the lockout season via teamrankings. Teams have been doing it for decades, so what's the big deal?

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Well, firstly, statistics have exhibited that teams play significantly worse on the latter half of two straight games. In fact, teams playing under that circumstance win just Conversely, teams with at least one day off between games win Maybe this is partially due to the fact that, according to nyloncalculus.

This makes sense, and many players can see it in their own play: Sometimes you can be worn down" ESPN. And it is no doubt that players are getting worn down.

More significant than worse on-court performance which must be accepted as part of the gamestatistics show that players experience an unbelievable 3. Yet, resting has become an extremely controversial topic around the league. Since then, the amount of games rested have varied from season to season, with a spike in the lockout season, but none matched 's total of total games of rest.

In fact, the past two seasons games of restoutnumber the previous seven NBA players are professionals, so it is their responsibility to compete and entertain the fans night in and night out.

But, recovery is part of the job as well; it is vital to assisting these players in playing each night in the long run. A couple nights off in one season in no way amounts to a career-obstructing injury later in a career.

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An examination of the nba lockout season

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Dec 22,  · Muzzled under penalty of hefty fines, NBA personnel avoided talking about the lockout last season like it was a pass-around fruitcake. It remains something about which many folks in and around the league would rather not speak, because it was one of the NBA’s more regrettable episodes.

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