Law and ethics in masscommunication practise

Fundamental issues in the ethics of marketing[ edit ] Frameworks of analysis for marketing Possible frameworks[ edit ] Value -oriented framework, analyzing ethical problems on the basis of the values which they infringe e. Process-oriented framework, analyzing ethical problems in terms of the categories used by marketing specialists e. None of these frameworks allows, by itself, a convenient and complete categorization of the great variety of issues in marketing ethics Power-based analysis[ edit ] Contrary to popular impressions, not all marketing is adversarial, and not all marketing is stacked in favour of the marketer. For an example of cooperative marketing, see relationship marketing.

Law and ethics in masscommunication practise

Ironically, journalists -— a group normally reluctant to theorize —- are today up to their ears in definitions, a favorite activity of philosophers. Better, I would advise, to explore the deep sources of the definitional disagreement and look for a new way to view journalism.

To put my point in the form of a slogan, I say: There is little basis for agreement. But the urgency for definition in journalism is due to practical problems.

Law and ethics in masscommunication practise

Many American journalists seek a definition so judges know who falls under the protection of shield laws—laws that allow journalists to not reveal their sources. Senate, where a shield law is debated. The Society of Professional Journalists, in an effort to include online and other new forms of journalism, has even considered changing its name to the Society of Professional Journalism.

Yet a focus on acts of journalism has not produced a solid definition that most responsible practitioners could accept.

Law and ethics in masscommunication practise

Ethics as interpretation Photo by niclas and used here with Creative Commons license. I recognize that practical issues may force us to concoct definitions. But my skepticism about this project as a whole has three sources.

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First, I am a definition skeptic when it comes to social practices. I think clear concepts are crucial to practice but rarely do the concepts come in the form of succinct definitions. Social practices are historically evolving things. Historically, about the only thing that all journalists have had in common across centuries is publishing news and commentary for a public on a regular basis.

But the lack of definition is no tragedy. Lots of things, like the notion of a game, are too complex for definition.

People can effectively carry out a practice, or play a game, even if they are stumped when a precise definition of their activity is demanded. My problem is with this demand.

It is based on the questionable expectation that a definition is both possible and necessary. Second, we often incorrectly describe what people are looking for when we say they need a definition. What they usually want is not a definition, such as an empirical description of what journalists normally do—as if we were observing creatures in the wild.

Rather, they want to talk ethics.

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They want to talk about what a journalist ought to do. In reality, this is not a neutral, factual definition. It is an ethical interpretation or theory of journalism. However, this type of definer is on the right track. Discussing what is good journalism is the most important issue, not squabbling over a definition.Mass Communication & Journalism, Journalism, Newspapers, Media ethics, Community Journalism, mass communication articles, journalism journal, mass communication and journalism, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Communication Research, European Journal of Communication, Journal of Health Communication,Political Communication Social.

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Theories of Mass Communication. or critique media practices rather than prove or disprove a specific media effect. Heavy viewers believe that more people are involved in law enforcement and that officers draw and use their weapons much more than is actually the case.

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and freedom of the press, as well as issues raised by the growth of the Internet. Discussion also covers ethics in mass. Various articles on subjects pertaining to legal ethics and the practice of law. Unauthorized Practice of Law. Beware the Unauthorized Practice of Law in Cyberspace.

Defamation is defined as the communication to a third party of false and injurious ideas that tend to lower the community's estimation of the person, expose the person to contempt or ridicule, or injure them in their personal, professional, or financial dealings.

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