Slasher genre

Edit The victims are usually photogenic teenagers or young adults who are away from mainstream civilization or far away from help and often involved in sexual activities, illegal-drug use, or both.

Slasher genre

Tumblr image via Screen Geek Slasher films defined my generation. From sea to shining sea there was a flowing fountain of blood spilling over and Slasher genre right before our little eyes.

Our senses were enthralled by the gruesome onslaught of horror titans like Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers. The Era of the Boogymen! We saw their rise to power.

‘Thriller’ Trailer: Blumhouse Gives Classic Slasher Genre An Inclusive Makeover | Deadline

We watched them hunt, stalk, and Slasher genre their prey with scrupulous efficiency. Carnage and mayhem followed behind their blood-soaked footsteps and we could not pull our eyes away from the dripping spectacle in front of us.

We rejoiced when the slasher kings came back for unrelenting revenge against those who dared to stand in their way. And we knew they could never truly be killed. John Carl Buechler They were an unstoppable force to be reckoned with in the pantheon of horror.

We all had our personal favorites and would spend recess time all arguing who would win if Freddy and Jason fought. Or if Leatherface could be killed by Michael Myers. We speculated how come they could always come back and we waited im patiently to see the upcoming installment to all of their franchises.

Movie theaters and video rentals alike were alive with posters and standees of our favorite evil icons of death and dismay. Critics alike lent their televised voices to preach against the devilry of these films.

Parents were warned that such movies were made by deranged minds to corrupt the virgin souls of their children.

The Slasher Horror Genre Since Psycho

And then, to the sorrow of us all, it came to an end. Our hearts dropped when — one by one, from Freddy to Jason and everyone in between — they either died or their franchises did. Our little hearts remained hopeful. Scream brought the slasher genre out of the ashes and everyone and their mother was talking about scary movies again.

All good in their own right, but the series that stands out to me is a very unique slasher film called Final Destination, a movie that proves that if Death has laid her hand on you there is simply no escape. It took each of these films to pull horror out of obscurity and rejuvenate it for new and old fans alike.

And it all started with one single phone call. There would be some weird times to come with the new millennium. Horror fans sat through the torture porn era which was launched by SAW and Hostel. Leatherface was given not one, but two origin stories that were polar opposite to one another.

Slasher genre

And neither one was really satisfactory to fans. Not to mention we saw vampires sparkle and had to endure PG rated scary movies.

That meant no blood and no heart.

Norman, Dr. Phibes, Jason, Freddy, Michael, Carrie, Tall Man, Chucky -- they're all here!

One could argue that horror might have been just a little dead. However, with just as much wicked proficiency as the monsters they portray, slasher movies proved once again to be quite un-killable. Slasher films have been revived in ! Halloween is smashing the box office.

The Shape was taken back to the basic foundations of pure evil and unrelenting terror, the two very reasons why audiences fell in love with and learned to fear Michael Myers back int We want a continuation, but one built on the principles and foundation of the original concepts that won us over in the first place.

The original Halloween laid some of the pivotal foundations upon which an entire sub-genre would be built. Michael Myers was the quintessential Boogyman. No, he was just The Shape. He killed without reason and had no pity. He stalked his victims and killed them at his leisure.With new entries in several classic slasher franchises coming around the bend (Halloween, Friday the 13th, Child’s Play, and more) it looks as if we’re headed for a stalk n’ slash renaissance.

Teen Horror.

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Again, not really a sub-genre in itself since it describes a kind of film that can be found in almost any sub-genre (slasher mostly, but also vampires, monsters, ghost, etc.).

Usually very cheesy, this kind of movie always features dumb teens, a childish romance and an almost compulsory happy ending.

With new entries in several classic slasher franchises coming around the bend (Halloween, Friday the 13th, Child’s Play, and more) it looks as if we’re headed for a stalk n’ slash renaissance. The slasher genre can be directly connected back to a real-life Wisconsin man who was born in named Ed Gein.

In , the man with the lop-sided smile was discovered to have killed a handful of locals, he robbed graves, cannibalized corpses and partook in other unheard-of depravities. Slasher films defined my generation. Back in the glorious days of the 80’s, we wee-little horror tikes were graciously weaned off the blood and mayhem splattering (oh so marvelously) across cinema screens.

From sea to shining sea there was a flowing fountain of blood spilling over and flooding. Overview of slasher movies, including their characteristics, their history and a selection of noteworthy horror films in that sub-genre.

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