Step by step guide to writing a fantasy novel

You want feedback from professionals who can help you create the best possible version of your manuscript. However, you must have a minimum of 20, words to qualify for entry into the program. Are you serious about your novel? We will help you craft the crucial opening chapter — the part you submit to the agent or publisher, and which will make or break your chances of publication.

Step by step guide to writing a fantasy novel

When it comes to real-world weapons in fiction, I can talk all day about how the history of pistols, snubnose revolvers, switchblades and ARs can impact the story. However, fantasy and steampunk weapons share much more in common with their real-world counterparts than it seems.

Here are six tips that transcend reality. The more tricked out the gun or knife, the less practical it becomes. Which do you use more often on a daily basis: The steak knife might be intended for cutting meat, but you probably use it for scores of other tasks, from prepping vegetables to opening mail.

step by step guide to writing a fantasy novel

Despite all the roles it tries to fill, the Swiss Army Knife is actually less functional from a practical standpoint. Give the character a separate backup pistol instead of building it into the crossbow.

That hypothetical crossbow brings up a great point. Why would a character carry both a crossbow and a firearm?

If gunpowder is available in the setting, why rely on outdated technology? You might think of reasons why, but keep the tech consistent with the timeline of your universe.

Chances are a similar evolution took place over time with your fantasy weapons. This is an area writers struggle with even when depicting real-world firearms. Their guns and bullets wind up doing all sorts of things they never were designed to do.

Choose what your weapon does and stick to it. And nobody likes double mumbo jumbo. The gun that never runs out of ammunition is a classic trope from thrillers, westerns and crime fiction that is hopefully on its way out.

In fantasy, you may very well dream up a weapon that never needs to be reloaded. In the real world, this gets heavy in a hurry. Lightening the load means fewer shots, which can be a challenge for writing certain scenes.

She struggles at first with the bows made of different materials at the training center. The tendency in fiction is to give a character the largest weapon possible.

Bigger is better, right? The ability to use a weapon effectively is first and foremost. Any firearm instructor would tell you the same. A hit with a pipsqueak. Even in alternate universes, characters with small hands will struggle to use large weapons.

Inexperienced characters will risk cutting themselves in combat with edged weapons. Sign up for a firearm class from a local instructor, visit a sporting goods store, attend a gun or knife show, or hit the shooting range.Confession: I enjoy writing query letters.

I know that most writers loathe them, but I always thought the query letter was kind of a fun challenge. Ultimate Guide: How To Write A Series. After helping you work out whether a series is right for your story, this Ultimate Guide will help you through every step. A fantasy series tends to sell much better than a single fantasy novel.

If you're writing in another genre, such as literary or commercial fiction, a standalone novel is. Fill in the Blanks 1. Opening image. An image/setting/concept that sets the stage for the story to come. Long ago, in a galaxy far away, a controlling government called the Empire takes control of planets, systems, and people.

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We begin with seven key. This article will give you a powerful metaphor to guide your design. Our No, that’s not fair, but life isn’t fair and the world of fiction writing is especially unfair. Step 8) It uses a story to SHOW you how to write a novel, rather than to TELL you how to write a novel.

I . Go step-by-step through plotting and writing a novel. Learn how to find and develop ideas, brainstorm stories from that first spark of inspiration, develop the right characters, setting, plots and subplots, as well as teach you how to identify where your novel fits in the market, and if .

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