The management decisions and changes within the saturn corporation

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The management decisions and changes within the saturn corporation

The car was the Saturn and in its earliest days, it offered the hope that a new way of designing, building and marketing cars would revitalize its parent company. Milestones and milestone cars seemed to fly by for the half decade after launch as Saturn went from one product triumph to the next.

Management knew that the safe styling of the first generation cars would age quickly and work began to keep the line up to date. A wagon was added in and by the end of the millennium, the company was celebrating job number two million. But as we have learned, there are no permanent victories in the auto business and just at the apogee of success, Saturn would begin a long, tragic fall to irrelevancy and failure.

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The seeds of the descent had been sowed at the founding, but it was only after the car was history that we understood that part of our narrative. Those seeds began to sprout when Saturn was ready for a new model series.

In the fall ofthe long awaited new Saturns began rolling off the line at Spring Hill and in Wilmington, Delaware. The all new mid size L series cars took GM back to the discredited practice of trying to pass off a model meant for another market to U.

The donor car was the Opel Vectra and it carried the same baggage that had sank many a GM euro spec model- it was poorly adapted to North America. The V-6 that GM had cut and pasted in to the equally ill fated Catera CC herewas also installed in the L series, with the same unhappy results. The L series was a major disappointment for GM and its failure began the slide to oblivion for its maker that ended in October Another sign that Saturn was falling victim to the internal politics of GM was the introduction of the the Vue in The styling was an incoherent mish mash of opposing themes and weird details.

A five speed autobox was added to the drivetrains on offer as well as a CVT that proved somewhat troublesome. The standard engine was the 2. Oddball details a center mounted instrument cluster, hard, uncomfortable seats took lots of brickbats from owners and critics and the engine was criticized as being noisy and rough.

Only the sterling customer service of the early days remained. Denouement— After the failure of the Ion, Saturn increasingly became a dumping ground for GM models that would further diminish the reputation of what had been a vibrant, confident company just a few years before.

The management decisions and changes within the saturn corporation

Then the hammer fell from the UAW: As the economy crashed beginning in earlyparent GM began publicly questioning the need for so many brands including Saturn under one corporate roof.

The end came on October 1,when Saturn production ended at all facilities. By the end, the company line was down to the Outlook crossover and a couple of Opel models Aura and Astra that had been drafted to run out the string. Only the autopsy remained. How could a company with a dynamite product and excellent customer service possibly fail after just a few model design cycles?

Saturn was doomed from the beginning. GM invested too much money in the concept at the outset. It was like building a million dollar mansion…in a neighborhood where the average rent was dollars a month. The enormous outlay could never be recouped.

The company assembled its own bodies and engines at Spring Hill and after its favored status began to wear off, had to compete with other divisions for attention and capital from the fourteenth floor.

The first sign of trouble was inwhen its ad budget was cut in half.

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Another clue came when there was no homecoming in The company flat out lied when it explained that the trip was too far for most customers to travel. GM itself declared bankruptcy in June of and the fire sale of corporate assets began.It is said that up to 50% of businesses fail within five years of inception.

Most of these business start and end in obscurity. A few of them, however, start up with the verve of a cannonball, only to crash with equal fanfare. Some of the companies listed below, like Enron and DeLorean, exemplify this [ ]. Welcome to the official corporate site for the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems.

The management decisions and changes within the saturn corporation

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