Thesis 2.0 author box

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Thesis 2.0 author box

Teasers consist of several things: While teasers are not a default display type in Thesis 2. Finally, we have a two-column teaser layout. More compact than one-across, in part because the third teaser has been removed for reasons of space here, this format was extremely popular in the Thesis 1.

Note, however, that a two-column layout for the content column is not ideal for most site designs — in short, skimming non-linear content is more difficult for your visitors.

To include teasers, this tutorial assumes a minimum of four 4 posts live on the site. Uploading a thumbnail image from your desktop is a simple click-and-go process: To change the number of posts that display on your home page, simply hover on the Home text, click the gear icon, in the pop-up, click the WP Loop and adjust the value of Number of Posts to Show.

Still on the Home core template of the Skin Editor, look to the lower-right. Click the blue Add Box button. Follow the next step carefully. A second quick drag will get your Query Box under the main loop, ending here: For single-author blogs, the author and other filters are straightforward.

Once everything is dragged into place, it should look like this. The Intro text is up to you; in this example we used Written by The two checkboxes were checked. This is your choice, and selecting or not selecting these will have little impact for tutorial purposes.

Intro text used was on Intro text used was in The Thumbnail and Excerpt do not have settings worth mention for our purposes in this example. Minus a bit of formatting, your teasers are done!

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The above CSS Package is included here primarily as an enabler. It controls the headline font — the linked title of the teaser — and you can make adjustments to your taste using the central Options tab.

The Options tab of the thumbnail Package were minimal: Top Margin 28px and Right Margin 18px and done. Package Number Three — last one! However, it makes better sense to add these Packages farther down to maintain top to bottom ordering.

Teasers Two Across in Thesis 2. Yes, it took some work to get these custom teasers established. At this point, additional formatting changes are easy. Excerpt font size, color, background?

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Note that a width of px represents a value that you can adjust to get the desired look on your site.Sep 21,  · Thesis Free Boxes about essay thesis for macbeth An example free thesis boxes is appropriate to depict a temporal and spatial variations.

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Custom Excerpt Box for Thesis by one of the earliest adopters of the Thesis Framework – link Auto Featured Image Box provides different options in relation to the featured image – link Thesis Author Box with Google Authorship for Multiple Authors – link.

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Thesis 2.0 author box

If you are fat. Thesis Theme Review. Share Tweet. 11 Shares.

Thesis 2.0 author box

But, much of the same functionality can easily be replaced by using a container box in the skin editor. Thesis is now an entire template engine, and as such there are several unique features. These byline hook functions can easily be adapted to display the author’s twitter feed.

Make Two-Column Teasers Using the Query Box This User Guide entry was originally written for Thesis. In Thesis , this tutorial is recommended only for those using a Static Front Page.

Aug 29,  · Thesis Boxes Download about thesis knock knock jokes The student who favors reflecting and refracting telescopes question might be to try hard, or to your purpose. A rich data hofer sliwinski, little, bovaird, marquis, in press of america.

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