West africa gold and salt college essays

Ashanti Beneatha's reference to the Ashanti people, along with George Murchison's references to the Songhay Empire, Benin, and the Bantu language, shows that Hansberry herself had some knowledge of the African continent and its culture. Because her uncle, Leo Hansberry, was a professor of African history at Howard University and, perhaps, because one of his students was Kwame Nkrumah, who led Ghana to independence, Hansberry's major geographical focus here appears to be on the history of Ghana, known prior to its independence as "The Gold Coast. Byhowever, a group of rival tribes united as the nation of Mali, ravaged Ghana, and put an end to its empire. The rulers of Mali established the Muslim religion that had come out of Arabia and was sweeping throughout Africa.

West africa gold and salt college essays

Browsing All Documents Account for outfitting of the brig Sally; August, This document is an account, apparently from August,from Esek Hopkins to Moses Brown listing all that he had paid for goods and services associated with fitting out the Sally for Africa.

Account for the sloop Four Brothers; ca. March Undated account, ca. March,for the sloop Four Brothers for a voyage from Providence to Virginia. The account details the amounts realized from the sale of various commodities, including 40 received for an enslaved man named Corodon, owned jointly by the Brown brothers.

Account for the sloop Four Brothers; March 14, Account, dated March 14,specifying the shares due to each of the four Brown brothers from a voyage of their sloop Four Brothers, just returned from Virginia.

west africa gold and salt college essays

The account includes the 40 here revalued in local currency realized from the sale of an enslaved man named Corodon.

Account of goods lost; June 10, Account, dated June 10,submitted to the Brown brothers by Gideon Manchester, master of their brigantine Sally, detailing goods lost to leakage and spoilage in the course of his recently completed voyage to Jamaica.

In the weeks that followed, the Browns began outfitting the Sally for a voyage to Africa. Account of stores for brig Sally This document is an account of stores for the Sally's upcoming voyage to Africa, ca.

The account includes proceeds from the sale of seven slaves. It also notes two other slaves who were given as "presents" to the Governor and Intendent of the colony - presumably a bribe paid for the right to trade in a French colony at a time when France and Britain were at war.

Contains the text of a petition and lists the twenty men who signed it. Anti-abolition meeting An account in the November 4, issue of the Providence Daily Journal of a meeting of a group of Providence citizens concerned with the growth of anti-slavery societies. Contains ten resolutions and the names of the officers: Danforth, Salma Manton, Jesse N.

Olney, Horatio, Rogers, George S.

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Smith, secretaries Articles for the brig Sally; September, Sailors serving on a ship signed an "Articles," which listed their names, duties, and wages, as well as the dates on which they signed on, died, or were discharged.

This document is the Articles of the Sally for its voyage to Africa in Note the inclusion of Edward Abby, described as a "Negro Boy. There were generally multiple copies of such documents, and two are included here.

The first one is clearly the copy that Hopkins carried on board ship, since it includes the name of two sailors, Peter Franey and Richard Mugford, who joined the ship in Africa and Antigua, respectively, neither of whom appears on the second copy.

The reverse of both documents includes details about payments and advances to different sailors. Articles; October 30, Articles, dated October 30,specifying the names, duties, and wages of the crew of the George, a brigantine owned by the Brown brothers, for a voyage from Providence to the Surinam, a Dutch colony on the coast of South America.

The articles list Abraham Whipple as George's master, though by the time the ship sailed he had been reassigned to another Brown ship, the sloop Four Brothers, also bound for Surinam, leaving the George in the command of Nicholas Power. In their subsequent letter of instructions to Power see document 16the Browns directed him to rendezvous with Whipple in Surinam, to switch ships with him, and to proceed to Barbados in hopes of locating and assisting Esek Hopkins and the Sally, who were en route from Africa with a cargo of slaves.

A voyage to Virginia by the sloop Four Brothers in touched off a correspondence between the Browns and Carter Braxton, a Virginia merchant and future signer of the Declaration of Independence, who proposed working together to mount a slaving voyage to Africa.

Braxton does not mention the slave trade in this letter, but instead emphasizes the possibilities of a bilateral trade between Virginia and Rhode Island, especially following the recent repeal of a duty on rum by the Virginia legislature. The balance of the letter offers information on the local market for slaves in Virginia.

The Prices of Negroes keep up amasingly.

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Brig Sally's account book; In addition to his duties as the Sally's captain, Esek Hopkins served as the ship's "supercargo," the officer in charge of the cargo. During the long voyage, he kept a detailed account book, recording every trade and transaction.

The book included a page for each crewmember, showing advances on wages, purchases of clothing and rum from the ship's stores, and so forth.

Transactions on the African coast, where the Sally arrived in early November,begin on page 17 and continue for the next seventy pages. The accounts specify the date on which each enslaved African was acquired and what was traded for him or her.

Most of the transactions were recorded in "barrs," a unit frequently used in the slave trade.The German president’s imperialist mission in Africa By Gustav Kemper 15 February On February 8, German President Joachim Gauck embarked on a five-day journey to Nigeria and Mali.

Timbuktu, a capital of Africa’s 12th century golden age built on trading gold, salt and divine knowledge, once again became a bellwether for the commerce and culture of empires.

African spices, Persian rugs, gold, salt, and indigo were traded along with the trade of religion, ideas, and cultural diffusion. China had the most uniform respect for its hierarchy and had very good treatment to its merchant class considering it greatly helped the economy.

The trade networks between Africa and Eurasia from circa C.E.

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to C.E. changed by means of Islam being founded as well as African-Eurasian trade was . Free west africa papers, essays, and research papers. Wait just a minute here In order to access these resources, you will need to sign in or register for the website (takes literally 1 minute!) and contribute 10 documents to the CourseNotes library.

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