Why did joan bauer write almost home

By Jessica Book Review: It seemed like a futile task until I came upon The Crossover. Why I Finished It:

Why did joan bauer write almost home

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One of the most beautiful and photographed faces in the history of Hollywood does the unthinkable and completely destroys her best asset InJoan Crawford was desperate.

Her MGM was changing before her very big eyes. The youngsters were coming: Norma Shearer and Greta Garbo her chief rivals would soon never make a film again.

And if Shearer weren't bad enough, newbie Greer Garson was now stealing roles from Joan. Could she ever win?

Early Years

Would she ever be treated with respect? After being called foolishly "box office poison" inCrawford proved to everyone that she was deeper and more complex than her movie star image with "The Women""Strange Cargo"and "Susan and God".

Two of these films were directed by her saviour, George Cukor. He next personally requested her for "A Woman's Face". This film seems to get better with age-it gives us peaks into Joan's prolific Warner Noirs that were still four years--and an Academy Award-- away.

It is also the performance in which Joan perfected the dual-pull within her soul. She would project this dichotomy into almost every character: This contradiction into her characters created a colliding and complex nature that reveals a truth within all of us.

None of us are one way or another. We are a combination of many qualities. So many performances from the past date because we are given the "bad" woman or the "good" woman who should be punished or rewarded.

Crawford made her detractors uncomfortable because she combined these duel natures into one. Thus, some critics would dismiss her acting as phony because they were used to one type of character.

And for Joan to not only push this contradiction that was also an uncomfortable combination of the masculine and feminine -but to also show her as a heroine was almost unthinkable. It is still uncomfortable for actors to show both complex sides to their nature.

He was responsible for some of the greatest dramas of the 's. Mayer had an affection for family movies and musicals. Notice at MGM how the dramas become lighter and the musicals bigger. Crawford was all nourish drama. They just weren't hardcore enough for our Joan.

And as big a star as Greer Garson was and as much as I love her performances-how many of her films today hold up and are considered classics?

Compare those films to Joan's Renaissance at Warners: Give me Joan's dark descent into melodramatic madness over uranium poisoning any day! The wrong man pushes the right woman over the edge and HE dies!

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Tell me, who doesn't cheer when Joan finally kills Van Heflin in "Possessed"? He totally got off on tormenting her. He had it coming. You think you're so clever with your witty mathematics equations and comparing Joan Crawford's love for you with a parabola!?

why did joan bauer write almost home

What good will Calculus do you now that you're dead? And Our Joan will be in complete control as soon as she finishes a few sessions of electric shock therapy! I think you can see that without "A Woman's Face"-there'd be no Joan as we know her today.

No Mildred, no woman aging with dignity yes, dignity because she is fighting the unjust rules set up by a culture she would help destroy -oh, and there would be NO Oscar.metin2sell.com: Our Very Own [VHS]: Ann Blyth, Farley Granger, Joan Evans, Jane Wyatt, Ann Dvorak, Donald Cook, Natalie Wood, Gus Schilling, Phyllis Kirk, Jessica Grayson.

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why did joan bauer write almost home

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One takes place in the U.S. and the other in England. One has a . May 28,  · That's why Don's visit to Joan's apartment -- which, we only discover later, comes after she's been to Herb's hotel room -- is so devastating.

Joan realizes that .

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